The Basic Principles Of water damage repair Charlotte NC

2. (of your mouth) to supply saliva. His mouth watered in the sight of all of the food. water يَسيلُ اللُعاب увлажнявам със слюнка encher-se de água slinit wässern løbe i vand τρέχουν τα σάλια μου hacerse la boca agua vett jooksma آب آفتادن vesi kielellä saliver לְהַזִיל मुंह में पानी आना curiti (sline) nyáladzik mengeluarkan liur fyllast af vatni avere l'acquolina in bocca よだれが出る 침을 흘리다 prisirinkti seilių (par siekalām) saskriet mutē terliur, kecur watertanden løpe i vann ślinić się encher-se de água a saliva выделять слюну sliniť sliniti se proizvoditi pljuvačku vattnas น้ำลายไหล sulanmak 流口水 виділяти слину منھ میں پانی بھر آنا chảy nước bọt 淌口水 fer-se la boca aigua

water - the Section of the earth's area coated with water (for instance a river or lake or ocean); "they invaded our territorial waters"; "they were sitting down with the water's edge"

for making (substance) waterproof. waterdig maak يَجْعَل المادَّه مُقاوِمَه للماء импрегнирам impermeabilizar impregnovat imprägnieren imprægnere στεγανοποιώ, αδιαβροχοποιώ impermeabilizar veekindlaks tegema ضد آب كردن tehdä vedenpitäväksi imperméabiliser לְמַגֵן מִמַיִם जलसह impregnirati vízhatlanít menjadikan kedap air gera vatnsþétt impermeabilizzare 防水する 방수 처리하다 impregnuoti impregnēt menjadikan sesuatu itu kalis air waterdicht maken gjøre vanntett; impregnere impregnować زيم ژغورونى كول، اوبه نه منونى كول impermeabilizar a experience impermeabil делать водонепроницаемым impregnovať napraviti nepremočljivo učiniti vodootpornim göra vattentät, impregnera ทำให้น้ำผ่านไปไม่ได้ su geçirmez hale getirmek 使防水 надавати водонепроникності پانی کے اثر سے محفوظ کرنا làm cho không thấm nước 使防水 impermeabilitzar

To lessen the toughness or usefulness of: "It appeared very clear by late autumn which the ban could well be drastically watered down or taken off altogether ahead of the trade Monthly bill grew to become law" (George R. Packard).

3. (in the eyes) to fill with tears. The dense smoke manufactured his eyes water. laat traan تَدْمَع العُيون сълзя encher-se de lágrimas slzet tränen løbe i vand νερά llorar vett jooksma more info here آبريزش داشتن täyttyä kyynelistä pleurer לְהַזִיל आंसू आना ispuniti suzama könnyezik mengeluarkan air mata tárast, vökna lacrimare 涙が出る 눈물이 고이다 ašaroti asarot berair, mengeluarkan air mata tranen (vass)renne łzawić encher-se de lágrimas a plânge слезиться slziť solziti se napuniti suzama tåras น้ำตาไหล yaşarmak 流淚 сльозитися آنکھ میں آنسو آنا làm chảy nước mắt 流泪 plorar

“We ended up told to take our thoroughly clean water and clean up air scenarios, put them inside a box, and lock it shut. Anyone knew polluters ended up acquiring absent with murder. But these polluters are several of the major campaign contributors in town, so no one really cared whenever they were being dumping poisons into streams.”

b. waters A certain extend of sea or ocean, Primarily that of a state or region: escorted away from British waters.

two. (of eyes) packed with fluid eg on account of ailment, chilly winds and many others. loopoë, traanoë مُشْبَع بالماء، دامِع навлажнен cheio de lágrimas slzící feucht rendende υγρός (για μάτι) lacrimoso ; lloroso vesine اشك آلود kostunut larmoyant מֵימִי नम vodenkast könnyes berair tárvotur bagnato ; umido 涙の出た (기관·조직 따위가) 분비액을 내는 ašarotas asarains; aizmiglots mata berair tranendrennende ; våte; vasnezałzawiony cheio de lágrimas umed слезящийся slziaci solzen vodenkast tårfylld เต็มไปด้วยน้ำ sulanmış 水汪汪的 повний сліз مرطوب ướt 水汪汪的 llagrimós, plorós

Health-related experts in the region say citizens show unusually higher charges of medical problems. A survey of more than a hundred inhabitants executed by a nurse hired by Mrs. Hall-Massey’s law firm indicated that as lots of as 30 % of individuals With this location have experienced their gallbladders taken off, and as several as 50 percent the citizens have major tooth enamel damage, Persistent abdomen issues and other ailments. That exploration was verified via interviews with people.

to have sb into sizzling water, to land sb in incredibly hot water → attirer des ennuis à qn, valoir des ennuis à qn

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